NSX technology

Performance through technology

Close up of Honda NSX.
Close up of Honda NSX.

You can feel it

Rear three-quarter facing Honda NSX driving along a bridge.
Rear three-quarter facing Honda NSX driving along a bridge.

Rapid response

645 Nm torque

With Launch Control

Sport Hybrid

581 PS

Super Handling All-Wheel Drive


Honda NSX product logo.

"The driver is just fully connected to the car."

Ted Klaus, Global Project Leader.

Super power

You, the driver, are at the very centre of the NSX. But sat just behind you is the most technologically advanced road car engine we’ve ever built.

Honda NSX V6 engine with technicians.

Every bolt is inserted by hand before the final torque settings are applied.

Centre of attention

The hand-built engine is a 3.5 litre twin-turbocharged V6. Mid mounted to the aluminium chassis, it delivers power through a nine-speed Dual Clutch Transmission for instant response.

That ‘G’ feeling

More power is added via a rear electric motor and twin mounted electric units at the front. On the track it’s electrifying. You can hear it, sense it and feel it through your body as you accelerate, brake and turn; but when you're back on the road, you can simply dial down the power.

Aerial view of Honda NSX chassis.

Once the drivetrain is complete and in place, it’s ready for the bodywork.

Parts of the Honda NSX in the factory.

Waiting in line, the Direct Drive Motor Units are ready for hand assembly.

Elements of performance

The real beauty of the NSX is it unlocks your inner racing driver. Here's the technology that makes it possible.

Cut out of Honda NSX V6 engine.

Electrifying acceleration is delivered via the turbocharged V6 and the Direct Drive Motor unit.

Quick shifting

The nine-speed Dual Clutch Transmission synchronises beautifully with the V6 power plant and Direct Drive Motor unit, making full use of the power output and broad power band of the NSX. Gear shifting is lightning fast when you need it and combines with the NSX’s rapid response; it’s perfect for a track day and seamlessly smooth on the road, too.


Through smaller, lighter turbochargers more output is achieved by using two unique ‘Electronic Wastegate’ types of unit. These compact turbines save space and regulate maximum boost pressure for less delay and greater performance.

Rear three-quarter facing Honda NSX on race track.

A track day is the perfect way to experience the superior handling and different performance characteristics of the NSX.

Feel the music

Start, and pump up the music via voice command, centre touchscreen or steering wheel controls.

Created in association with the award winning recording engineer and producer, Elliot Scheiner, the nine-speaker system, with surround-sound technology, pushes out 580 watts for an extraordinary experience that creates a virtual concert hall in the car. Let the music commence.

Close up shot of Honda NSX speaker.
Close up shot of ELS badge on the Honda NSX speaker.