Honda NSX

The power of emotion

Front facing Honda NSX, countryside location.
Front facing Honda NSX, countryside location.
Rear three-quarter facing Honda NSX, countryside location.
Rear three-quarter facing Honda NSX, countryside location.

We feel it at the start of every project, no matter what the car. But with the NSX it was special – deeper somehow. You’ll know it when you feel it. And when you do, you’ll understand why this car means more to us than anything we’ve ever created before.


Honda NSX product logo.

The NSX is pure Honda

The epitome of all our engineering innovations developed over years of testing and racing – it's at the very heart of everything we do.

The making of a supercar

The road to success is no easy feat; it twists, it turns, and leads to challenge after challenge.

Blending the pinnacle of sports performance with everyday driving comfort took time to achieve. It came with its fair share of setbacks, too. But if accomplishing perfection meant starting over again, and again, and again – that's what we'd do. It's why the car took years to perfect, and why the NSX only got better with time.

Rear three-quarter close up of Honda NSX.
Front three-quarter facing Honda NSX, countryside location.

Timeless lines

Designed for pure performance, wherever you drive.

Three-quarter facing shot of Honda NSX red interior dash.

This was the foundation of the new NSX: a powerful sports hybrid. But with more power came further challenges. To control that power we switched our attention to the driver – it stretched our minds in many different ways and the result is a feeling of total connection as you drive; an affinity never thought possible.

Rear facing Honda NSX.

Human achievement

Everyone involved with designing and building the NSX is at one with the car, from start to finish.

Inside the newly refurbished – and purpose built ­– Performance Centre in Ohio, only the NSX chassis and paint process is handled by specially made machines. The rest of the car is started and finished by hand. And it's this human touch that makes the NSX so special.

Making the connection

Through meticulous preparation and advanced technology, the driver is totally connected to the NSX in every sense.

When you drive the NSX, it’s hard to know where your body ends and the car begins. You're in complete contact with the car. The engine and drivetrain combinations can be configured in many different ways to give you perfect feel when cornering, accelerating and braking – wherever you are. 

Close up of Honda NSX Sport+ dials.
Cut out  of Honda NSX chassis.